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Rhyne Park Girls Fast Pitch Softball

Rhyne Park Girls Fast Pitch Softball


Let's Play Ball...Safely

COVID-19 Policies and Guidelines

We are excited to Play Ball.  Prior to the start of practices, we ask that you please review the below information regarding our COVID-19 protocols.  We take the safety of our players, coaches, umpires, and volunteers very seriously.  Please help us by doing your part in ensuring these guidelines are being followed. 

General Responsibilities of All Participants:

We want to ensure everyone coming to the park is in good health and doesn’t knowingly cause any outbreaks within our community. 


  • Your daughter or someone in your immediate family has come in close, sustained contact with someone who is known or suspected to have COVID-19.
  • Your daughter or someone in your immediate family feels sick.
  • Your daughter or someone in your immediate family is currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, cough, sore throat, sneezing or other nasal symptoms, congestion, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell.
  • Your daughter or someone in your immediate family is diagnosed with COVID-19.


Rhyne Park President

Geoffrey Schmidt - 678-664-8384 - [email protected]

Rhyne Park Vice President

Todd Herrington - 678-362-0455 - [email protected]

Sharing of Equipment:

The park requests that each player to have her own equipment for use.  This includes bats, gloves, helmets, face guards, cleats, and any other personal equipment.  The purpose of this is to minimize risk of passing germs to others.  In the event select equipment is shared, it must be sanitized before the use of another person. 

We understand equipment purchases may be financially challenging for some.  The park does have a very limited supply of bats and helmets.  If you need assistance acquiring a helmet or bat, we will attempt to make accommodations for you to borrow one for the season.  Contact your coach for assistance.

Gameplay Guidelines:

Rhyne Park Girls Softball has adopted special procedures as outlined by Georgia USSSA Fast Pitch.  Please make yourself aware of these procedures below.

1.     All event participants, spectators, and employees must adhere to the six-foot physical distancing guidelines while at the facility. 

2.     Follow all local and state guidelines for facilities and events.

3.     Any person who is experiencing symptoms of sickness will be prohibited from attending the event/venue of play.

4.     It is highly recommended that all staff and independent contractors wear face coverings whenever applicable. 

5.     It is highly recommended that all umpires wear face coverings whenever applicable.

6.     Players, coaches, and spectators are not required to wear face coverings. However, it is highly recommended that face coverings be worn in close contact areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. 

7.     Face coverings are not mandatory for athletes, but allow players to wear face coverings and gloves if they choose, as long as the items do not compromise the safety of any and all participants in the game.

8.     After the exchange of any cash, checks, documents, etc., it is highly recommended that hands are sanitized.

9.     When using a tent, please restrict it to immediate family members only.

10.  When using walkways, walk to the right, single file, while performing social distancing.

11.  Directors, players, coaches, umpires and spectators must adhere to the guidelines from CDC, state and local authorities regarding potential state travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, including return to state or county of residence.

12.  Keep social distancing between teams in effect beyond the field of play.

13.  Teams, players, and coaches should refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, group prayers, etc. 

14.  Players should bring their own, personal cooler instead of using a team cooler. Players should plan on bringing an individual water bottle. No shared water or food coolers.

15.  Allow teams to spread players out; the players can spread out along the dugout fence lines. Follow posted rules regarding dugout usage.   

16.  Maintain social distancing. The balance of players and coaches should go to the bleachers or other seating areas away from spectators. Teams should provide shade coverings for their team if not available by facility.

17.  Parents should supply their athletes with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for disinfecting shared playing equipment and cleaning hands between innings.

18.  Players' items should be lined up against a fence at least six feet apart.

19.  Players should use their own gloves, helmets, and bats as much as possible.

20.  Coaches are responsible for ensuring social distancing is maintained between players as much as possible. This means additional spacing between players while playing catch, changing drills so that players remain spaced out, no congregating of players while waiting to bat.

21.  When dugout physical distancing/spacing is not possible, bleachers located between the dugout and home plate should also be used to spread out players.

22.  Players should have designated spots to place their personal items.

23.  Coaches must designate an adult who is responsible for ensuring players are seated properly unless they are actively participating in the games.

24.  Players must bring their own water/beverage to consume before, during, and after warm up and games.

25.  Players must bring their own snacks to consume before, during, and after warm up and games.

26.  No shared/communal snacks.

27.  Send all documents (i.e., proof of insurance, etc.) electronically to the Tournament Director.

28.  The managers? pre-game meeting at home plate should be limited to one coach from each team plus the umpires. No players at pre-game plate meeting.

29.  Where possible, consider options for limiting line-up card exchanges, in order to reduce person-to-person contact. Try to get an electronic image of the line-up card from the opposing coach. Umpires will need a paper copy of the line-up card to perform their duty. It is strongly recommended that umpires sanitize their hands after each touch of line-up card or any document.

30.  Immediately after the completion of their game, both teams are required to TEXT the final score to the Tournament or Site Director. Include Age Group, Full Team Names (both teams) and Score. 

31.  Spectator attendance may be limited depending on city, local, or state social gathering guidelines and limited to household members of the players on the team.

32.  Spectators must not enter the player areas (on the field of play or bench area.) 

33.  Bleachers will be used for players and coaches, no fans, spectators should view the game from their respective 1st base or 3rd base fence line from the end of the dugout to the outfield. 

34.  Spectators may not sit or stand in high traffic areas (e.g., behind the backstops).

35.  Fans may have to bring their own chairs or stand. Fans should keep six feet of social distancing between different household units.

36.  Fans and players must leave the playing area and return to their cars immediately after their game(s) end. No sticking around to watch other teams play.

37.  In the event of inclement weather--including but not limited to rain, lightning delays, etc.--fans, coaches, and players cannot congregate under tents, overhangs, or other covered structures in the near proximity of other gatherings or heavy foot traffic. Social and mass gathering guidelines must be maintained at all times.

38.  Teams to play next should be provided designated areas for player warm-ups that provide for necessary social distancing.

39.  The team to play next must remain in their designated warm up area until the prior team has finished sanitizing and is completely out of the dugout.

40.  Fans for upcoming games must remain in their cars or away from the warm up/playing areas during player warm ups. They will be permitted to come to the field once their team enters the dugout area.

41.  At some facilities, concession stands may not be opened. Please plan accordingly.

42.  All players, coaches, staff, independent contractors and spectators should practice social distancing of 6 ft. wherever possible, especially in common areas. Of course, this won?t always apply to players while engaging in the sports activity.

43.  Player equipment should be spaced accordingly to prevent close contact.

44.  The use of team shared equipment should be limited whenever possible and should be sanitized after each use.

45.  Please allow team to fully vacate the dugout before the next team enters.

46.  It is recommended that each team has a set of softballs (2 or 3) in their possession which will be provided by USSSA while on defensive. They are responsible for sanitizing the softballs as needed.

47.  Team on defense should assign a person(s) to retrieve foul balls and return them to the person on defense in charge of sanitizing balls.

48.  Do not discard PPE face coverings or gloves on ground.

49.  Any person coming within an unsafe distance of an umpire or event director to aggressively argue or discuss a call may be subject to automatic ejection (game plus next game) or removal from premises.

50.  Directors have the right to adjust the playing formats and increasing the amount of time between games, to minimize overlap and traffic flow where needed.

51.  Restrooms must be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Physical distancing guidelines must be followed.

52.  No spitting or projectile nasal secretions. This includes, but not limited to, saliva, mucus, sunflower seeds and shells, gum or similar products.

53.  If eating shelled peanuts, do not discard shells on the ground.

Umpire Guidelines:

Additionally, umpires will also follow the below guidelines.

1.     Umpires may choose to wear a face mask or choose to not wear one.

2.     Umpires will ask both the batter and catcher to step back anytime they need to clean the plate.

3.     Plate umpire will either work the normal position behind the batter and catcher or may choose to back up about a half step to allow additional space from the catcher and batter.

4.     All contact with softballs will be between the players and coaches.  When a foul ball is hit over a fence, the batting team will throw in a replacement ball.  Each team on defense will take the ball in play with them after the 3rd out of each inning. 





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